Recently Added Videos

This is an animated song about doing new math by Tom Lehrer. Very funny if you’ve ever had to help your child do their math homework.

This is an extended musical joke about a sexually transmitted disease being passed around. PG-13.

Tom Lehrer gives an intro into this song from many, many years ago.

Who says kids are innocent?
Now this is funny. It’s to promote a movie, and I’m surprised someone didn’t run out into the street to get away from this thing.
Good for them no one got hit by a car!

I laughed so hard I cried! I’ve watched this video about five times now, and just had to share.
This video has been songified from her eHarmony profile video.
Gotta love it!

Judson Laipply’s very funny interpretive dance classic, “The Evolution of Dance” is in the exclusive 100 million views club.
Must watch! Only thing missing is the Moonwalk.

Onion-head – half human, half gecko!
Dang! Dude’s got a long tongue!

For some reason this video has become one of the top videos on the Internet.
It’s the Numa Numa guy rocking out.

Video prank of a flirting grandpa.

Yeah, I eat at McDonald’s, too.
Funny video!

Funny music video about being a blond!

George Takei does his Happy Dance after raising $158,000 for the production of “Allegiance.”
I hope they put it out on DVD. It’s about the interment of thousands of Japanese-Americans in World War II simply because they looked like the Japanese. Watch the video, then rate it.

This is actually a short audio with a picture of John Pinette, but it’s very funny.

Part six of his funny routine. “Get out of the line” seems to be a big part of the theme here.
Good stuff!